PEL-6, VRP-39, VegaWeb : Angola LNG




Angola LNG is a major LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) producer with the world’s most modern LNG processing facilities in Soyo, Angola. Angola LNG has the potential to produce one billion cubic feet of clean gas per day for domestic and international markets.

Geographically the entrance to the Angola LNG Marine Terminal is aligned vertically with the mouth of Congo River, also known as the Zaire River. Due to the relatively high current and wave conditions in the Congo River, a series of suitable aids to navigation are critical to ensure safe navigation when taking the 90 degrees turn into the dredged access channel.

Angola LNG requested that HR Wallingford define the design requirements for the aids to navigation lights.


During the design process, Gisman and Vega has assisted HR Wallingford to approach the best solution. “It would be advantageous to install marks that would define the channel entrance, with an oscillating boundary PEL Sector Light mounted on shore. This option provided a significant cost advantage, without an unacceptable loss of functionality.” The solution is to use two sets of oscillating boundary PEL Sector Lights, one set – TB3 (2 x PEL-6-3.5D) to define the entrance of the dredged channel and another set – KB2 (1 x PEL-6-5D) to define the dredged channel itself.

Those entry oscillating boundary PEL Sector Lights are R/W and W/G sectors aligned on the white sector to cover 7° with a total of 5 sectors. The colours viewed L-R from sea looking towards the light are: Flashing Red, Red/White, White, White/Green, Flashing Green.

TB3 sector light is mains powered with VPR-39 Switch Mode Power Rectifier and battery back up. KB2 is solar powered with batteries.


Both sets use on demand control during day & night. They are monitored by Large VegaWeb via cellphone or computer.