LED Range Lights

VLL-43 LED Linear Lead Light

0.75NM & 11NM night range @ 0.74T

A powerful and versatile uni-directional lantern ideal for marking short ranges or obstacles.  Can be stacked end-to-end to give an extended line source.  Fully sealed and very robust, with plastic enclosure and aluminium heat sink.  Rated for 100% duty cycle.  Easily mounted against a vertical pole.  No maintenance required.  Each unit 300 mm (12") tall.  Available in red, green, yellow, white and blue. A single VLL-43 can range up to 0.75NM by day and 11NM by night at 0.74T. 

VRL-91 High Power LED Range Light

4.5-10NM day range & over 30NM night range @ 0.74T

The VRL-91 is intended for applications requiring very high intensity directional lights. A single white lens can produce up to 1 million candela. Depending on the number of lenses used, day range up to and exceeding 10NM is possible at 0.74T.

Information Required
  • Range in NM for both day and night
  • Colour 
  • Flash character
  • Vertical divergence
  • Horizontal divergence 
The lenses are mounted on a large heat sink to control the operating temperatures of the LEDs. Multiple arrays can be mounted parallel to each other for increased intensity or horizontal divergence.

Standard colours are white, red, and green. For other colours please refer to Vega. All colours meet IALA chromaticity requirements. The VRL-91 contains all the programmable features that are normally found in Vega marine beacons.

Monitoring of the VRL-91 can be provided in a number of ways:
  1. Using the Vega Mini VegaWeb internet monitoring unit.
  2. Using the VegaSMS text based monitoring/status unit
  3. Using Message 6 in the Vega ATON AIS unit
  4. Utilising the factory data port option. This can be RS-232 or RS-485.
  5. Using the alarm/monitor connection.

VRL-74 LED Range Light #

Range & divergence flexibility

The VRL-74 has a single LED operating
through a high power optical grade acrylic lens having a 3° divergence on the horizontal and vertical plane. Divergence is defined as the angle where the intensity is at 50% of the centre intensity of the lens. Profile of the VRL-74 lens shows a wide angle of centre intensity and a sharp cut of at higher angles.

The versatility of the VRL-74 lens has provided three distinct product groupings:
Mini Array
, Mini Solo and Mini Tile.
The Mini Array is available in 6 formats from 1 to 6 lenses. It is programmed as a single unit and can operate day only, day and night, or night only. Day and night intensity is separately programmable. The minimum night intensity is approximately 3% of the maximum intensity of the VRL-74 Mini Array assembly. The controller for the lights is part of the integrated assembly.

The VRL-74 Mini Array contains the programmable features that are normally found in Vega Beacons.

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