marine aids to navigation

Marine Aids to Navigation

The world is on the move. More people and products are transported around the globe by sea, air and land. Ships are larger. Ports are competing to host them. Squeezing larger ships into existing channels requires better signal lights to help pilots to guide the ships safely.

This is our world. Vega designs and builds specialized signal lights for safe movement - by sea, air and land. Some of the most challenging waterways in the world are marked by PEL Sector Lights made by Vega. More details for Marine Aids to Navigation application, please see our Case Studies.

Right    Panama Canal, guided by many Vega PEL Sector Lights.

Lighthouses are Changing

The days of traditional lighthouses are almost over. No longer does a mariner rely on a landfall light shining 20 miles out to sea to know his position. Modern satellite navigation systems resolve to within a few metres, anywhere on the earth's surface.

Lighthouse towers may be beautiful but are costly to maintain. Modern lanterns using electronic sources (LEDs) do not require such structures, require no maintenance and operate more reliably.

Right  Punta Cumplida Lighthouse, Canary Islands, VRL-91 LED Rotating Beacon, Range 24NM at 0.74T.

Customized Design for Individual

Vega is an innovative company which designs and builds for the future. Our products are rugged, dependable and proven around the world. We do customized design Aids to Navigation products for your specific need if you can’t find a product in the market. Check the Products to see our current range. Or Contact Us if you have a specific problem.

Leading Edge of Product Development

Strategically Vega wants to be on the leading edge of product development in marine aids to navigation industry. This started with the PEL and has continued with the lens technology of the Uni-Mega LED Range Light, the Omni-Mega 20NM LED beacon and the all Around LED Sector Light and. The optical performance allows these products to be produced. In many of the projects Vega works closely with the customer to supply solutions to difficult navigation challenges.

Right    Bécancour Traverse Amont Lead Lights, Canada; VRL-74 Mini-array LED Range Light, alongside Saint Lawrence River for the CCG.

Meet the Standards

Vega maintains ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification for design and manufacture of all its products. Vega is an Industrial Member of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities (IALA).


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