PEL-10 : Vega Delivers the PEL-10 to Diego Garcia


Providing greater visibility of beacon health and performance.


Diego Garcia is a tiny atoll in the Indian Ocean, which has an area of 30 square kilometres. The island is home to a United States Navy Support Facility. Due to the remote nature of this location, there is a need for proactive maintenance as any disruption or downtime that occurs can greatly decrease operational effectiveness and increase costs.

In 2001, Vega collaborated with the US Navy to produce a customized PEL-6 Sector Light, the only sector light of its type in existence anywhere in the world. It delivered on the specialized specifications that were required in this unique situation. 

In 2015, the PEL-6 was damaged. Due to the success of the initial installation, the United States Navy approached Vega with the opportunity to provide the replacement solution. 


Together with local technology partners, Vega’s team of highly skilled engineers developed an enhanced solution, which not only improved on the previous model but also provided greater visibility of beacon health and performance.

 The new solution included:

-      PEL-10

-      VLB-44s

-      VegaWeb

-      Touch screen telemetry system

The PEL-10 is the natural upgrade for the customized PEL-6. This is accompanied by two VLB-44s used as entrance buoys to mark the narrow channel. Each of the VLB-44s are equipped with Vega’s monitoring system VegaWeb which is connected to the Iridium satellite network. To improve the ease of access, a touch-screen telemetry system provides on-demand operation and real time monitoring. 


The full solution was delivered via military transport in March 2016. One of Vega’s service technicians travelled to Diego Garcia to oversee the seamless commissioning of the project.

The PEL-10 has a 1.6D horizontal subtense, which is capable of running at an intensity of 3.5 million candela. This sector light can be seen from 10 NM by day.

The VLB-44 entrance markers are equipped with Vega’s latest monitoring technology, VegaWeb, connected through the Iridium satellite network.

To minimize any downtime on routine maintenance, Vega recommended a list of spare parts which are available onsite.

The United States Navy has 24-hour access to Vega’s support portal Zendesk, a web based self-help service, which is a customizable one-stop shop for user manuals, troubleshooting guides and general Vega product support articles. 

Meet the Team

Vega is the global leader in designing and delivering world-class aids to navigation solutions.  Well known for innovative marine safety products, Vega design products that deliver the performance that customers desire. Vega worked with regional technology partners to maximise the benefits of the solution. 

Vega Products 

Vega provides a comprehensive suite of products designed to guide vessels into harbours and waterways. Customers can choose between one of our PEL lights or choose from one of our range lights (or leading lights) such as the VRL-74 or our larger model the VRL-91.

Vega’s precision PEL-3 and PEL-6 Sector Lights display a different colour when viewed from different angles at sea with very sharp colour boundaries. A complete colour change typically occurs within 1 minute of arc. They are used in situations where extreme accuracy is required, or where only a single station is possible.With optional oscillating boundary functionality, the signal alternates between two colours in proportion to the distance across the sector.

Our team of specialist engineers have a proven track record of tackling complex applications and producing solutions that go beyond customer’s expectations.