VLB-44, VLB-5 : Talaimannar Lighthouse

Vega technology lights up in Talaimannar Lighthouse after 30 years



The Talaimannar Lighthouse is located close to the Talaimannar Pier on Mannar Island in northern Sri Lanka. Built in 1915 by the British, the 19m white lighthouse has a round cylindrical concrete tower with lantern and gallery. During the past 30 years and period of war, the lighthouse was not maintained and did not function.

The Talaimannar Pier was the terminus of a ferry service to India across the very shallow Palk Bay. The ferry service was part of the Indo-Lanka Railway service, where passengers and goods were ferried between Talaimannar and Dhanushkodi on Rameswaram Island in India.

The Talaimannar Pier is now mainly used by the Sri Lanka Navy and local fishing boats.

It was the initiative of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority (SLPA) to commence the restoration of lighthouses that were left derelict during the war.

Originally the Talaimannar Lighthouse consisted of a system that used Acetylene to power the beams. This was old technology that was also cumbersome and unreliable requiring regular maintenance, replenishment and physical monitoring.

The requirement was to restore the lighthouse to a modern reliable system, independently powered with the ability to monitor the status from SLPA Headquarters in Colombo. 


A complete system by Vega was submitted by local partner Rotax Pvt. Limited as follows:


Local company Rotax Limited installed the VLB-44 and standby beacon, VLB-5. The company has worked in Sri Lanka for over 50 years and is a trusted member of the community due to their strong focus on customer service. 


The result of the Vega installation has seen the Sri Lankan port authority benefit from significantly reduced maintenance and increased confidence in performance and reliability.

The two long range LED beacons installed operate without external input in terms of power or regular maintenance as they have no moving parts to service, or bulbs that need to be changed, resulting in significantly reduced whole of- life cost.

Equally important to SLPA, the quality and reliability of the Vega system ensures the lighthouse remains in service to provide safe navigation at all times.

The VegaWeb monitoring solution implemented with the beacons ensures and all functions can be checked via an internet portal. In addition in the event of issues can automatically advise key staff immediately via a SMS text message.