Case Studies

Casquets Lighthouse  —   Goes Energy Efficient VLB-92

Casquets Lighthouse is located on rocks 13km northwest of Alderney in the English Channel. According to Trinity House, the Casquets area has been the scene of many shipping incidents in the past. There are three towers that were originally built in the 18th century at the Casquets which are still in use, and the North West Tower is equipped with tungsten-halogen lamps and is still in operation.

Under a two-year modernisation project, Trinity House is going to upgrade the light to renewable energy sources.

Carpenter Rocks  —   Day/Night LED Sector Light

Carpenter Rocks is a small coastal town situated 35km south west of Mount Gambier in the south east of South Australia. The area faces the Southern Ocean and is renowned for its rugged coastline, which provides exceptional fishing and diving locations.

A set of VLS-46 LED Sector Projectors was installed. These new lights with solar power supply system were mounted on the top of a purposed built metal tower in the bay to enable the local fisherman to navigate more safely into the bay. 

Salcombe Harbour   —   VLS-46 Entrance Marker

The Salcombe harbour, Sandhill Point , which lies between Bolt Head and Prawle Point in South Devon, has a sand bar that is difficult to negotiate on an ebb tide with strong onshore winds or swell.

The new LED sector light is versatile, energy efficiency and sharp definition between sectors and has already received praise from visiting yachtsmen.  “The definition between the colours is excellent, whereas the old light was blurred between the green and white sections."

SOYO  —  Angola LNG PEL Sector Lights

Geographically the entrance to the Angola LNG Marine Terminal is aligned vertically with the mouth of Congo River. Due to the relatively high current and wave conditions in the Congo River, a series of suitable aids to navigation are critical to ensure safe navigation when taking the 90 degrees turn into the dredged access channel.

“It would be advantageous to install marks that would define the channel entrance, with an oscillating boundary PEL Sector Light mounted on shore. This option provided a significant cost advantage, without an unacceptable loss of functionality.”

River Crouch Harbour  —  Entrance Marker

This is the buoyage improvements project from Crouch Harbour Authority. According to the Crouch Harbour Authority, they are going to carry out major improvements to the buoyage of the River Crouch approach channels from Whitaker Spit inwards to Burnham Fairway. In order to achieve this some 26 new navigation buoys have been purchased, with four existing buoys being reused. 

Under this buoyage improvements project, 26 reliable beacons are definitely needed to maintain and ensure the channel’s safe navigation.

Barnegat Lighthouse — Rotating Beacon

In 2008, Vega was approached by the Friends of Barnegat Lighthouse, to quote for a new light which they would install for the 150th anniversary of the lighthouse in January 2009. A multi-tier VLB-44 LED beacon was considered, but the VRB-25 was finally selected because a revolving beacon would closely reproduce the flash of the original light.

The VRB-25 installed is a 6 panel unit, rotating at 1rpm which produces a flash once every 10 seconds, the same as the original light. The VRB-25 contains a 6 place lampchanger and uses 100W lamps with a range of 21.7 nautical miles.

Port of Durban — Lead Light Application

As part of the Port deepening project the Port of Durban was looking for new entrance lights that could provide a day time range of around 6NM. 

Vega PEL lights with oscillating boundary were the favoured solution in order to provide lateral movement information to the incoming Vessels.  The challenge was how to provide the required day range considering the standard 5 degree subtense PEL light could only deliver around 3NM for the red and green sectors. 

Diego Garcia — 3.5 Million Candela PEL Light

Vega has supplied and commissioned a new design of PEL Sector Light on Diego Garcia. This small atoll in the Indian Ocean is a deep-water anchorage for large vessels in the US Navy.

There is a navigable opening 250 yards wide in the submerged part of the reef - barely three times the width of some vessels. 

A special optical projector using two 24-inch diameter lenses was developed by Vega to compress the light from a PEL-6 condenser into a beam just 1.6 degrees wide.

Port of Long Beach — Marking the Narrow Back Channel

Very large container ships like the MSC Texas (shown) need to be guided through this tight channel to access the loading facility.

Pilots were seeking an accurate signal to show lateral position and movement.

With room and budget for only one tower, a PEL Sector light at each end was the only choice.

Gaillard Cut — 2 Way Traffic in Panama Canal

The Gaillard Cut in the Panama Canal comprises seven short reaches as the canal passes through the mountainous spine of the country.  This section of the canal was widened to 500 feet to allow 2-way traffic and greatly increase the carrying capacity of the canal.

14 x PEL Sector Lights were installed, one at each end of each reach, to provide the required precision for 2-way traffic to pass safely.

Port Louis (Mauritius) — Release City Airspace

The traditional rear leading light into Port Louis was on the hill behind the city. The viewline passed directly over the central business district. A proposed high-rise building would obstruct the pilot's view of the rear lead. 

PEL Sector Lights were used to provide comparable navigation accuracy into the port without the need for pilots to see a light on the hill behind the city, thus freeing up airspace in the CBD for a new Reserve Bank building.

Karaikal Port - Vega upgrades enable safe night and day navigation

Located on the east coast of India, MARG Karaikal Port is the new gateway to the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India. Located near the town of Karaikal, the port was commissioned in April 2009. Since then the port has handled a range of different cargoes for major industry.

Talaimannar Lighthouse- Vega technology lights up in Talaimannar Lighthouse after 30 years 

The Talaimannar Lighthouse is located close to the Talaimannar Pier on Mannar Island in northern Sri Lanka. Built in 1915 by the British, the 19m white lighthouse has a round cylindrical concrete tower with lantern and gallery. During the past 30 years and period of war, the lighthouse was not maintained and did not function. 

Viaport Marina - Complete Vega Solution

Viaport Marina, located in the south of Istanbul, was opened on 29 May, 2015. The development, which was funded by the Bayraktar Insaat, cost a billion Turkish Lira, providing over 2,500 jobs to the area. The brand new marina, which is the biggest in Turkey, includes parkland, cafes and restaurants. 

Vega Delivers the PEL-10 to Diego Garcia

Diego Garcia is a tiny atoll in the Indian Ocean, which has an area of 30 square kilometres. The island is home to a United States Navy Support Facility. Due to the remote nature of this location, there is a need for proactive maintenance as any disruption or downtime that occurs can greatly decrease operational effectiveness and increase costs.

BLCP, Thailand - Innovative Vega Solution

BLCP is an independent power producer located at the Map Ta Phut Industrial Estate, in the Rayong province on Thailand’s east coast. There are multiple power companies producing electricity and fuel in this estate, for distribution across all of Thailand.

The coal and other raw materials for BLCP to process, are delivered via a channel that runs alongside the site, where ships dock at its jetty. The navigation lights to guide the approach to the jetty historically included two conventional lead lights fixed to a tubular steel tower.