Vega Beacon March 2016

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- Introducing Captain Larry Jaeger USCG (ret.)

- The Vega Barge Light (VLB-B) 

- Zendesk


It has been great to have seen an increase in traffic on our website support portal. This valuable resource is being increasingly used by our clients and partners. Please continue to use the search function on the site as this helps us to understand what information you want to have access to on the site.
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The Vega Barge Light (VLB-B)

This is the maintenance free solar light solution the barge industry has been waiting for. It’s time to forget about your disposable batteries and equip your barge with the robust Vega Barge Light. It will provide you with hassle free service by utilizing its high quality solar panels and batteries to ensure continuous operation with minimal effort.
Designed and tested specifically to meet the very stringent requirements of the United States Coast Guard, the VLB-B raises the bar for solar powered navigation lights for commercial barges.
Tammy Castillo from First Choice Marine, a Vega reseller in Florida, says “We’re really excited about this product. We believe that it has great potential and we are happy to see that Vega is expanding into in the barge light market”.  

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Introducing Captain Larry Jaeger USCG (ret.)

Larry will be joining Vega as a Senior Solution Engineer for the Americas, based in Florida.
With the United States Coast Guard for over 38 years, Larry was an officer on Coast Guard buoy tenders in Alaska and Maine. Some of Larry’s other roles included senior positions in ocean engineering, project engineering and as Chief of AtoN Operations and Waterways Management for the southeast United States.

Larry brings specialist expertise in multiple facets of marine aids to navigation. He has designed over 100 ranges and surveyed over 200 range structures. His work in visual signal theory was recognized in 2010 when the Japanese Coast Guard requested that he travel to Japan to work on a project in Tokyo on increasing the conspicuity of AtoN lights.

In addition to his many contributions to the development and drafting of key IALA recommendations, Larry’s experience was called upon when he was invited to present at the North American Pilots Association 2010 conference. He also drafted a new chapter for the Coast Guard Aids to Navigation Positioning manual.
Larry likes swimming, sailing, kayaking and bicycling, and will start his tour with Vega by spending a number of weeks at our Porirua HQ (his first visit to New Zealand), exchanging knowledge with the rest of the technical team.

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