Vega Beacon April 2016

In this issue

- Zendesk

- Vega partners with First Choice Marine

- Webinar on Vega AIS

- Goodbye Manuals, Hello Quick Start Guide


Zendesk continues to develop as a useful tool for Vega’s clients and channel partners. In March 2016, more than 30 jobs were successfully handled via Zendesk by our Service team. We’ve added a great new feature where you can request help at any stage. Simply press the green help button at the bottom right hand corner and one of the Service team members will be in touch with you.
Feel like something is missing from Zendesk? Email your suggestions to our Service Manager at

Want to log on to Zendesk? Click here to find out how.

Vega Partners with First Choice Marine

Vega is partnering with First Choice Marine to launch its first major sales initiative for the Vega Barge Light into the United States. With a range of up to 3 nautical miles, the Vega Barge Light is the most reliable and durable barge light on the market. 

First Choice Marine Technical Light Specialist Tammy Castillo says, “This is a quality, price competitive product that we believe will outperform other barge lights on the market.”

First Choice Marine will be showcasing the Vega Barge Light at Booth 10 at the Inland Waterways Expo from May 10 to May 12.

Click here to read more about the VLB-B.

Want to find out more? Contact First Choice Marine on +1 813 223 7673 or visit their website.

Webinar on Vega AIS

Vega’s new AIS Type 1 units are game-changers and we want to tell you all about it. Therefore we’re hosting two webinars at the end of April where we will talk more about Vega’s AIS Type 1 and answer your questions about the product.

These webinars will focus on: 
- What is AIS
- Benefits of AIS
- Vega AIS

We’re always keen to hear from you if you have any suggestions for what should be included.  Please email with your suggestions.

Register here for the 27rd of April (1pm Los Angeles time)
Register here for the 28rd of April (8:30am London time).

Goodbye Manuals, Hello Quick Start Guide

Vega’s Marketing and Service teams have been busy improving and simplifying the documentation for the programming process for our short range beacons. After receiving your feedback, we are including the new Quick Start Guide in every VLB-1,2,3 and 5 package. This will provide you with quick and easy help for programming your beacon. 

We believe the Quick Start Guide is all you need to programme your beacon so we are removing the bulky manuals from each box.

If you still need a manual for your product, they will still be available online through our service platform Zendesk. Visit our support page for login details.

Sign up to the Vega beacon here.