Vega Beacon #29 October 2017


  • Vega Working Closer with Customers
  • Battery Condition Checks

Vega Working Closer with Customers

The journey to bring Vega, Carmanah, and Sabik together has begun.

Since our acquisition the focus has been on aligning our customer focused teams. We have recently announced a combined global sales team so check out to view the new team.

They will be closer to you with more resources and broader solutions than ever before.

Now we are working together Vega, Carmanah, and Sabik offer the widest range of products and offer the broadest solutions. Our combined portfolio of products and systems includes marine aids to navigation for Coast Guards, marine authorities, navies, and ports around the globe.

Vega products can be found on and Carmanah and Sabik products on .

For all your product enquiries please continue to contact your channel partner or one of our new team of sales professionals. We look forward to continue working with you for a brighter future and success.


Beacon Condition Checks

With the days growing longer and shorter and the seasons changing depending on your location, now is the time to check the battery condition of your beacons.

A simple process we recommend is carried out twice a year to confirm the voltage provided by the battery and help inform whether your beacon requires service.

All you need is a Vega Infrared Remote Programmer and your Beacon’s User Manual.

An Infra Red Remote Programmer ( ) allows you to configure/program the range of Vega products.

Use your Vega IR Remote and enter Programming mode. Aim the Remote at the Beacon then enter “31” into the keypad. Observe the response flashes, and whether they are long or short.  Refer to your Beacon’s User Manual to decipher the flashed code and the battery voltage.

If the Battery voltage is lower than optimum the battery may require service. Contact your Vega reseller or one of our Sales team for a quote for battery replacement.