Vega Beacon #28 August 2017


- Product Release

- Exhibiting at Australian Regional Ports Summit



Our latest solar power pack solution is now available. The VSOL-40 is designed to utilise four panels on a 10º lean to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. Its large 40 Ah battery makes it ideal for solutions that require increased autonomy.

Designed with a 200 mm top mount, the VSOL-40 is suitable for mounting any of Vega's stand-alone beacons. This means you can mix and match any stand-alone beacon with the VSOL-40 to create the self-contained beacon that you need.  It can also be teamed up with our AIS transponder.

Over 30 units have been sold since launch. Our clients are already matching this power pack with AIS and several beacon heads including the VLB-36 and VLB-44 to deliver fantastic results.

For more information about the VSOL-40 visit our product page or contact your Vega channel partner to request a quote.



The 2017 Regional Ports Summit will be hosted by NSW Ports in Wollongong, Australia later this month. Featuring local and national case studies, the two-day event will showcase the latest port developments and attendees will assess the policy and strategies designed to improve the efficiencies of Australia’s regional ports.

Ian Jones our Business Development Manager for the ANZPAC region will be exhibiting at the event and is looking forward to catching up with our clients between sessions.

“The diverse commodity base of NSW ports reflects the growth of the region,” Ian comments. “As the ports grow to accommodate this expansion their capability to service diverse shipping changes. Vega is at the forefront of developing new technologies and products to ensure these requirements are met.”

Registration information for the Summit can be found at the event's registration website.