Vega Beacon #27 May 2017

In this issue

- Record Number of PEL-4s Out the Door 
- Hydrosphere to Exhibit at Seawork 2017
- VRB-25-LED Fact Focus 

Record Number of PEL-4s Out the Door

Following on from the success of the initial installation at the Port of TimaruPEL-4s have been flying out the door! Customers are taking advantage of the unique benefits that the PEL-4 has to offer, with new units installed in Mexico, United Arab Emirates and New Zealand.   

So Why Are Our Customers Upgrading?

Vega has built its reputation on the design, quality and precision of PEL sector lights. Over a thousand of these lights are reliably guiding ships into ports around the world and have been for more nearly three decades. This is testament to the quality of the PEL sector lights that customers have continued to choose the PEL-3 and PEL-6, knowing that they could count on the their proven performance. So it was a no-brainer when Vega signalled the arrival of the new LED PEL.

The Precision LED PEL (PEL-4) is energy efficient and uses significantly less power than an incandescent PEL. Virtually maintenance free, the design combines modern optics with Vega’s extensive experience to provide very sharp sector boundaries and impressive range. It also offers true oscillating boundaries to provide the best feedback to mariners about their position within sector. 

The PEL-4 is available now, with Horizontal Divergence variants of 3.5º, 5º or 10º available. Further divergences of 7º, 15º and 20º are on the roadmap.  If you have an existing PEL or are looking for a new sector light, please contact your Vega Channel Partner or Business Development Manager to discussupgrading to a PEL-4 today. 

Vega channel partners are grabbing this opportunity to bring you the additional benefits that the PEL-4 has to offer. We are happy to announce that there will be new installations in New Zealand and Costa Rica in the coming months.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to move forward with your AtoN solution and get in touch with us today.



PEL-4 benefits:

-       Uses significantly less power

-       Virtually maintenance free

-       Sharp sector boundaries

-       True oscillating boundaries

-       Drop-in upgrade for PELs.

Hydrosphere to Exhibit at Seawork 2017

Hydrosphere, Vega’s exclusive channel partner in the United Kingdom and Ireland will be exhibiting at Seawork 2017 from 13 June to 15 June. Seawork is the largest commercial marine and workboat exhibition in Europe, attracting over 7,600 industry professionals and displaying more than 10,000 products and services; it truly is the bastion of the marine industry.

This year will be the 20th year that Hydrosphere is exhibiting and they will be based at stand PY33, located at Mayflower Park, Southampton. They will be promoting their integrated solutions, featuring Vega’s high performance aids to navigation.

John Caskey, Managing Director at Hydrosphere commented, “The exhibition at Seawork is one of the most iconic events within the marine and maritime industry, and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed exhibiting year after year. We’re excited to be a part of the exhibition’s 20th anniversary, and we hope that this year’s visitors will pay a visit to our stand and find out more about the latest aids to navigation and the technology that’s powering the industry”.


Did you know that LEDs have a lifespan of over 10 years! This significantly reduces the cost of keeping rotating beacons functioning in remote locations. You could be looking at a saving of more than USD 20,000 over ten years!

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