Vega Beacon #26 - April 2017

In this Issue 

- VRB-25 White Paper 
- Put the LED Into Your VRB! 
- Vega Solar Calculators 

VRB-25 White Paper

We are proud to present the first Vega White Paper, “The benefits of LED technology in rotating marine beacons”.
This white paper highlights the practical and economic benefits of using LED technology in rotating beacons, compared with incandescent bulbs. Four key areas of benefit are identified: reduced maintenance, decreased power consumption, increased reliability and the ability for remote monitoring.
Vega’s CEO Arjen Maarleveld had this to say: “Marine navigation now has access to new technology which has made shipping safer. We’ve seen a huge increase over the last 24 months of customers taking advantage of the benefits of LED”.

Click here to read the White Paper now.

Put the LED Into Your VRB!

The VRB-25 LED is the best rotating beacon on the market, outshining all the others and you should settle for nothing less!
Early adopters such as Singapore MSA have already upgraded their lighthouses to Vega’s VRB-25 LED; now it is time for you to access all of the benefits of LED.
Vega channel partners have sold 50 units in the last 24 months, showing that it won’t be long until the VRB-25 LED is guiding the way around the globe. Vega’s white paper (see previous article) to help assist your decision-making while you consider this change.

VRB-25 benefits:

  • High power lenses 

  • Speed from 1-16 RPM can be selected, 6 or 8 panel, any flash character 

  • Long lasting LEDs – no lamp-changers or bulbs required 

  • Proven rotating platform requires minimal maintenance

Contact your local Channel Partner today to upgrade to VRB-25 LED.


Vega Solar Calculators

Trying to work out your solar sizing and battery autonomy equation? We’ve got the perfect tool for you! Our Solar Calculators, will provide all the information required, to work out what type of solar panels and battery size needed. We’ve added locations from all around the world, but just in case you find one missing, please let us know straight away. We’ve also got useful information to help you in work out the perfect solution for your AtoN needs.

If you need any help or have a question, feel free to email

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