Vega Beacon #25 - March 2017

In this issue

- New LED PEL-4 a World First 
- VLB-5X Exceeding Expectations

New LED PEL-4 a World First

Vega has built its reputation on the design and quality of precision PEL sector lights. The Port of Timaru in New Zealand was one of the first locations to install a Vega PEL-3 (incandescent sector light) and it has been reliably guiding ships into port for the past 29 years.
When Vega signalled that a new LED design of the PEL was in progress, it was only fitting that the first of its kind should be installed in Timaru, to replace their trusty PEL-3. 
The Precision LED PEL (PEL-4) is energy efficient and uses significantly less power than an incandescent PEL. Virtually maintenance free, the design combines modern optics with Vega’s extensive experience to provide very sharp sector boundaries and impressive range. It also offers true oscillating boundaries to provide the best feedback to mariners about their position within sector. 

VLB-5X Exceeding Expectations

A month of strong sales following the launch of the VLB-5X has seen the product exceed expectations, with the largest volume of short-range lanterns sold in February for the last 5 years! Customers have responded enthusiastically to the Vega launch special offering six VLB-5Xs for the price of five.
The VLB-5X provides users from around the globe with the perfect solution for their short-range lantern requirements, especially in extreme temperatures. New battery technology means the beacon will perform even better in both hot and cold environments.
If you already have an installed base of VLB-67 or VLB-5 beacons, it’s also possible to upgrade them with the new battery technology and advanced charging algorithm.  Check out our brochure which explains the upgrade process here: VLB-67/5 Upgrade Brochure.

For more info on the VLB-5X and upgrade opportunities, contact us at