The Vega Beacon January 2016

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Vega welcomes on board GTS Consulting
Vega AIS Type 3 gets certified in Europe
Zen Desk
Vega Can Christmas

Vega welcomes on board GTS Consulting

Vega is pleased to welcome on board GTS Consulting, based in San Diego, California.

GTS Consulting has strong experience and contacts in the Oceanographic research vertical, particularly along the West Coast of the USA.  GTS has extensive experience with a range of technical products used in hazardous environments, which drive smarter decision-making. GTS also represents Vesper Marine, Prime Technology, Xeos Technologies, Seaproof Solutions and Teledyne Impulse.
GTS Consulting’s primary focus will be selling Vega’s integrated AIS + self-contained beacons solutions for the Oceanographic research industry. 

Vega CEO Arjen Maarleveld says, "We are very pleased to be leveraging GTS Consulting’s expertise in the Meteorological and Hydrological sector to promote Vega’s latest high-tier aids to navigation telemetry solution.”

To contact GTS Consulting click here.

Vega AIS Type 3 gets certified in Europe

It’s an exciting start to 2016 withVega AIS Type 3 recently becoming certified in Europe. This product will allow customers to increase the quality of their AtoN solution while also reducing the maintenance cost when combined with VegaWeb Monitoring. 

John Brook Manager of Product Design said, “ It’s great to have completed the certification process for Vega AIS Type 3 units and have them ready for sale. We believe that this product will complement almost all AtoN solutions and will be particularly attractive to customers because a base station will not be required.”   

Vega AIS Type 3

  • Complete AIS functionality

  • Suitable for remote locations

  • Solar powered options 

To find out more about Vega AIS Type 3 please contact your regional Business Development Manager. Their details can be found here

Zen Desk

We’ve recently launched our online support platform Zendesk on the website.  In this portal you will be able to log jobs for service and repair while also accessing the Vega knowledge base.

This includes self-help articles and other relevant material for your beacon. We encourage everyone to take part in Zendesk and make contributions so we can grow the knowledge base together.  Login details can be found here

Vega Service Manager Glen Brumby said, “ We’re really excited about offering this online service which we think will improve response times and increase the overall customer service experience”.

If you would like further support around the functionality of Zendesk, please click here to sign up to our Zendesk tutorial. 

Vega Can Christmas

Vega is extremely proud of the effort from everyone at Vega HQ who contributed towards the food drive for the local Porirua community.

Vega put the challenge out to staff to bring a can of food in, which would then be matched can for can. The response was massive with the team bringing in 271 cans, resulting in 550 cans going to the local Salvation Army.

Machine Shop Team leader Gwyn Owen said “ It’s been a great initiative and I’m really proud to have seen the response from the whole team. We’re looking forward to doing something next year as well.”