The Vega Beacon January 2015

Happy New Year to all Vega Channel Partners and Clients. 

We are kicking off this year with a monthly newsletter to keep you all up to date with the new and exciting things happening at Vega and out in the Vega community around the world. 


Having now settled well into our new purpose built building we have capacity to start to expand our management and sales and service support teams.  As many of you are aware in 2014 Alistair Taylor retired and our new CEO, Arjen Maarleveld, has taken up the reins and Solutions Engineer, Stéphane Luteyn has also joined the team to further support our channel partners and customers.  2015 will see more new faces to support our sales and support efforts.

Arjen joins us from Tait Communications in Christchurch, where, as COO, he was responsible for product development, product management, manufacturing, partnering, project management, and quality.
Before Tait, Arjen held leadership positions in various high tech businesses in Europe, Silicon Valley, and New Zealand, including Oracle, Apple, Telecom New Zealand, Alcatel, France Telecom, and Esko.

After graduating with an MSc in Offshore and Marine technology from Cranfield University (UK), in 2001, Stephane Luteyn took a position in the oil and gas industry. He was an offshore project engineer for 7 years in France, the UK and Texas (USA). Then, in 2008, he moved to the offshore windfarm industry as a technical project engineer and manager in the development of windfarm projects and the execution phases of offshore instrumented equipment.

Through these 12 years, he honed skills in proposal preparation, project engineering and execution. In 2015, Stéphane is very happy to join the high performing team at Vega. As Solutions Engineer, he will complement and enhance the Marketing & Business Development team while working closely with Vega channel partners and clients to develop technical solutions based on Vega products in response to clients’ specific requirements.

Stéphane can be contacted via e-mail at


Gilman Corp, a major plastic buoy manufacturer based in Connecticut and Wet Tech Energy, a steel buoy manufacturer based in Louisiana, have both recently signed up to resell Vega products in combination with their world class buoys.  We’re very happy to welcome them both to the Vega team.

First Choice Marine Supply has also expanded their Vega offering to include Vega FAA Hazard Lighting, and Vega’s new Barge Light, First Choice is proudly holding significant stock to service these markets in conjunction with their established Marine based Vega products.

Pharos Automatic Power has expanded their distribution territory into countries in Central and South America to service the Oil and Gas Market and Ports and Harbours Market with Vega Aids to Navigation.  

Vega is very proud to have a such a strong distribution network in the Americas.


Vega has just shipped the first two VRB-25-LED rotating beacons to AB Pharos in Singapore which is to be installed at Raffles Lighthouse.

These two beacons are set up as a main and a standby beacon with an alarm/monitor from the main beacon to control the lamp operation of the standby.

One of our team has made a video of the VRB-25 in action.  Take a look at it here.

Mid 2014 a Vega PEL-6 20 Degree was installed in the grounds of Sakhalin Energy in the south of Sakhalin Island next to the mouth of the river Mereya, by the Sakhalin Energy Investment Company in Russia.

The above installation consists of a PEL-6 20 degree sector light which is powered from a VPR-39. The purpose of the light is to project a path so the LNG tankers can enter the port safely. 

In December 2014 the light was commissioned by our Commissioning Engineer, Glen Brumby. Sakhalin Energy Investment Company is very happy with the quality and performance of their PEL-6 and hold Vega in high regard.