The Vega Beacon February 2016

In this issue

- Vega's VLB-1
- PEL Webinar
- Vega Continues to Invest in Quality 

Vega's VLB-1

The Vega’s 1 Nm Marine Beacon was designed by its highly skilled engineers for short range navigation solutions. 

It is the best priced short range beacon on the market, packed with features and made of rugged UV stable nylon.

Click here for a competitive quote on the VLB-1 now.

Click here to read more about the VLB-1.

PEL Webinar

Due to the success of the PEL Webinar’s held last year and feedback requesting more information on sector lights, Vega will be hosting another two webinars at the beginning of March.

These webinars will focus on:

Sector resolution
Oscillating boundary 
PEL Types

Register here for the 3rd of March (8:30am London time).

Register here for the 3rd of March (1pm Los Angeles time)

We’re always keen to hear from you if you have any suggestions for what should be included. 

Email with your suggestions.

Vega Continues to Invest in Quality 

Vega has always recognised the importance of quality in our products and systems. Continuing with this tradition we are pleased to introduce Masahiro Kuroda to further support our work in this area.

Masahiro has joined Vega as our Senior Manufacturing Engineer.

Masahiro has 19 years of experience in the research, development and manufacturing field of computing components and devices. His previous roles varied from using thermal technology to cool computer chips, process engineering of chip manufacturing, supplier process and change control and technical marketing at Intel Corporation in Japan.

Masahiro will be responsible for improving production processes and overseeing Vega’s move to holding more inventory to shortening lead times and improving our service to partners and clients.

He likes to travel, cook, cycle, run, make beer and drink it.

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