The Vega Beacon February 2015

Coming Soon: 62320-2–certified, CE-certified Vega AIS Type 1

Very few companies beside Vega offer Automatic Identification System (AIS) Aids to Navigation (AtoN) with IEC 62320-2 certification. The Vega AIS Type 1 Aid to Navigation will obtain its IEC 62320-2 certification in February 2015, making it fully compliant with AIS base stations and any other AIS-certified products in the vicinity, including shipboard AIS receivers.

Furthermore, the Vega AIS Type 1 Aid to Navigation will also obtain CE certification, enabling it to be sold in the European Union. Remember that AIS units are considered Class 2 radio frequency devices (and not GSM or 3G devices), and so must display the CE mark and other information on the product, its manuals and packaging in accordance with EU law.

Fully IEC- and CE-certified Vega AIS: Order Now

New Solar-Powered Vega Barge Light

Tired of changing batteries? Our new Vega VLB2 Barge Light offers a simple solution so you can stop changing and disposing of batteries altogether.

With its superior 18Ah battery capacity and its protected solar panels, the Vega Barge Light has more than 20 days of solar autonomy using a Steady On flash, in even the harshest winter conditions.

Like other barge lights, it is available in white, red, green and yellow – but unlike most others, ours has official UL 1104 certification.


New UL 1104-certified Vega barge light



Hamish Wiig – VP Business Development, Americas & Iberia

As part of our next phase of growth, we are committed to bringing Vega closer to you. That is one reason why we are very happy to add Hamish Wiig to our team. Based in Houston, Texas, Hamish will manage Vega’s relationships with strategic clients such as the US Coast Guard and the Panama Canal Authority. He will also provide sales and marketing support to our channel partners servicing the US, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean and Iberia.

Besides Kiwi and Texan English, Hamish also speaks fluent Spanish and Portuguese. Contact Hamish Wiig on

Andy Nicoll – Marketing Manager

As part of our new focus on helping you sell more Vega solutions, we are happy to welcome Andy Nicoll to the team. As Marketing Manager, Andy is working to raise client awareness of Vega’s products and to generate sales leads for our channel partners.

Do you have thoughts on how Vega can more effectively communicate with our target markets? Andy wants to hear from you. Contact him on