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Vega gains US certification for barge lights
US Coastguard District 7 moves to LED
Have you seen our case studies?
Introducing Mike Anderson 

Vega gains US certification for barge lights

The five Vega barge lights (Port, Starboard, Stern, Bow and All Round) have recently obtained US certification from Imanna Laboratory, in Florida.

The lights fully comply with regulation UL1104 for use on unmanned barges.

Hamish Wiig, Vega’s Vice President Business Development in the United States, says the lights successfully went through a full series of to ensure their reliability and quality.

This is a very important first step for Vega as we look to build on our reputation for manufacturing high quality AtoN lights into the barge market 

The VLB-B is a certified barge light that can be attached magnetically and/or using the lanyard provided.

Key benefits are:

  • Solar powered requiring minimal maintenance

  • Reduced in life costs as battery life is measured in years not months

  • More environmentally friendly due to reduced battery disposal

US Coastguard District 7 moves to LED

Vega will be supplying the US Coastguard’s District 7 with 60 x VLB-44 LED lights to replace a series of incandescent lights of different ranges.

The district, which covers Florida, Puerto Rico, Georgia and South Carolina, will be one of the districts within the US Coastguard to have LEDs in every single AtoN light.

District 7 determined that over a six year period, the savings as a result of efficiency gains through using modern LED AtoN lights, with reduced maintenance costs, would contribute towards savings of $31m within District 7 alone.

The VLB-44 is a proven long range beacon. 
Key benefits are:

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Cast aluminium for a long and reliable life

  • Multiple units can be used to extend the range to 20NM

Case Studies

Have you seen Vega’s case studies?

Our case studies feature interesting installations from around the world.

We will be adding new case studies over the next few months. The next addition will feature the VRL-74 at Karaikal Port on India's east coast. 

Mr K D Gopinathan, the port’s Assistant General Manager of Marine Operations, said the port was “delighted with the delivered solution”.

“The project ran smoothly with great collaboration between all the parties. We look forward to working with Vega again in the future.”

We’re always on the lookout for new case studies. Please get in touch if you'd like to share your story.

The VRL-74 offers many customised options to fit your requirements.;

Key benefits are:

  • Spreader lenses allow for beam angles from 3° to 18°

  • Each light can have 1 to 6 LEDs 

  • Can run 80,000cd at under 6 watts (single optic)

Introducing Mike Anderson

Mike Anderson has joined Vega as Marketing Coordinator, joining the team with Andy and Oti.

Mike’s most recent role was with the Wellington Phoenix Football Club where he worked as a marketing intern for the last year.

He has joined Vega to develop and provide marketing support for Vega channel partners.

His previous sales roles and his recent experience at the Phoenix, mean Mike is well suited for the tasks ahead.

Outside of work, Mike’s interests are travel, movies and football including coaching the Hutt Valley Boys at the Football Talent Centre.

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