Marine aids to navigation

The world is on the move. More people and products are transported around the globe by sea, air and land. Ships are larger. Ports are competing to host them. Squeezing larger ships into existing channels requires better signal lights to help pilots to guide the ships safely.

Vega designs and builds specialised signal lights for safe movement ‐ by sea, air and land. Some of the most challenging waterways in the world are marked by PEL Sector Lights made by Vega.

Lighthouses are Changing

The days of traditional lighthouses are almost over. No longer does a mariner rely on a landfall light shining 20 miles out to sea to know his position. Modern satellite navigation systems provide location to within a few metres or less, anywhere on the earth's surface. Lighthouse towers may be beautiful but are costly to maintain. Modern Vega beacons using Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) do not require such large structures, operate more reliably, can be remote controlled and managed wirelessly, and require very little maintenance.

Leading Edge of Product Development

Vega continues to be on the leading edge of product development for our markets. We started with the PEL light and continued with the sophisticated lens and electronic technology in our current range of beacons, range lights, sector lights and remote monitoring and control.

Vega works closely with partners and clients to supply solutions to difficult navigation challenges.